A computer for your library.
Typical classroom
Teaching above expectations: microprocessor architecture from the village.
Harrison engaged.
Unfinished library building, needs funding.
Underfunded project, heartbreaking.
Book donation.
Walking to school.
Touching a keyboard for the first time.
Just typing my name is awesome.
Library in remote setting.
Too few books for the population.
Kids are happy everywhere.
From an orphanage.
Young orphan girl.
Planting a tree.
Harrison showing off his tree planting skills.
Yesterday's newspapers: the only connection to the outside world.
More books for those kids.
From a small Kibera reading room.
Take a picture of me!
Orphans from Zimmerman.
She takes care of all those orphans.
Kenyans donating books to their local library.
More stuff to read.
Orphans wanting a picture with Tomas.