KICODEP Resource Centre

This library has not been visited or assessed by our team. The below unprocessed information is provided for reference only. None of this information has been verified by Above The Seas.

KICODEP Resource Centre R E P O R T    C A R D
In our network Not yet
Library visited by our team Not yet
Library visit date N/A
Library context Slum in Mombasa, next to primary school. No internet, one computer
This library needs:
(reviewed and approved by ATS)
more relevant reading materials; More furniture – chairs and reading carels Computers for DIGITAL services; internet services And security fence to keep it safe from any burglars
Region Ziwa La Ngombe slum, Mombasa
Google maps link Locate on Google Maps (approx.)
Address The Library is located off Mombasa – Malindi Highway at Ziwa La Ngombe – VoK road, next to Ziwa La Ngombe Primary School; Bombolulu, Mombasa Kenya.
Postal address c/o P.O. Box 34287 50118 Nyali – Mombasa
Point of contact Mr. Tangai Charo
Website N/A
Year founded 1999
Serving population The library at serves least 300 people per week, mainly school children because it is small in size; but most often reaches 600 children and adults on weekends.
Surface size (approx.) 500 sqft.
Access to electricity N/A
Number of visitors per day (approx.) 50
Number of seats N/A
Number of tables
Number of books N/A
Internet No
Wireless Internet available (Wifi) No
Internet speed
Number of computers 1 (not on internet)
Services offered This library mainly supports quiet studies for school going children in the slums, offering a conducive study environment to them. It has relevant reading and revision materials for the children at primary and secondary level, though in limited amounts. Users are encouraged to study and leave the materials behind. The library is also a resource centre to adults, community members and visitors for trainings, tutorials and reference reading – mainly when school going children are at school. It also supports community resource referencing on a few books available.
Support this library directly Please contact the library for more information on how to donate directly.
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